A College Kid’s Guide to Surviving Spring Break

A College Kid’s Guide to Surviving Spring BreakIt’s never a bad idea to consider safety when it comes to Spring Break.

Spring break is a great time for students to hang out with friends, and enjoy some time off from school—assuming, of course, your professors left you with no tough assignments. Travelling and partying are the most common forms of activities that college kids do during their spring break. This spring break, however, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put yourself at a higher risk than you already do on a weekly basis! Here are some tips we recommend that you follow if you are going to travel and/or party.


  1. If you are going to be driving to your destination, be sure to have your car checked out by a mechanic. It’ll beat being stranded in the middle of nowhere as you wait for a tow-truck.
  1. If you’re going to be carrying alcohol in the car, put all of it in the trunk. Don’t give the police any reason to suspect you have been drinking and driving. And, obviously, never allow any one to drink and drive.
  1. Stop every 3 or 4 hours and stretch your legs. There’s nothing worse than falling asleep at the wheel!


  1. Keep an eye on your drink. Never—especially during spring break—step away from your drink because you never know what kind of drugs strangers will put in your drink and what effect it will have on you. (Have you not seen The Human Centipede?)
  1. Use the buddy system, and make sure to keep tabs on your exit buddy. It worked when you went on field trips in grade school, and it’s going to work now. Be sure not to leave the party without your exit buddy! (Crush the sea turtle knows what he’s talking about!)
  1. Always assign a designated driver. Having a DD is the best way to ensure that all of you will get back home safe and sound. To make it as fair as possible, leave it to chance and role a die. Whosever number it lands on, is the DD for the night (and, c’mon, the DD can only be the DD once during the week).

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