Avoid Over-sharing Online

With all of the social media that people use on a daily basis, it is easy to make the mistake of oversharing. Putting to much personal information on your social media sites can make you more susceptible to identity thieves. Follow these tips to ensure all your personal information stays personal.

  • Keep the very personal information offline. Make sure not to share information like your home address, current employer, and birth date offline. Avoid sharing information such as your pet’s name, since it can give thieves enough information to answer password retrieval questions, gaining access to all your information.
  • Review privacy settings. At least once a month, check over your social media’s privacy setting to ensure you are secure as possible.
  • Double check your pictures. Before posting any pictures, make sure to check the background to make sure important information, such as your credit card that is sitting on the table, is not being shared.

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