Water Safety: Beach, Lake, & River Guide

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As the weather heats up, you want to take advantage of it but also want to get a little reprieve from the heat. Fortunately, heading to the water is the perfect way to soak up the sun with the option to cool off! Whether you prefer the beach, the lake, or the river, it is important you practice water safety this summer. To help, here is a quick guide.

  • At The Beach: The ocean contains strong currents you cannot see from the surface, so it is best to stay in the shallows when swimming at the beach. If you prefer to enjoy the water from the sand, make sure you apply and regularly reapply sunscreen and stay well-hydrated. Bringing an umbrella for protection from the sun is a good idea.
  • In The River: Remember that the snow melting in the summer can cause the river to move very quickly. Even if the water does not appear to be moving at a rapid pace, log jams or large rocks can trap swimmers. It is best to only play in the shallows of a river, and ensure that children are very closely supervised.
  • At The Lake: Although you might be a strong swimmer in the pool, do not push your limits in the lake. Swimming in open water like that is harder than it is in the pool, and you will find that you tire more quickly. If you will be boating, ensure that everyone on the boat has—and wears—properly fitting life jackets.

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