How to: Rescue a Passenger Overboard Your Boat

Boat Insurance White Plains NYKnow these tips incase a passenger goes overboard your boat!

Taking your boat out to enjoy the summer sun and scenery is a truly relaxing and pleasing experience. What could go wrong? Well, the quickest way to ruin the day is for one of your passengers to fall overboard. The best manner to approach an overboard passenger is to remain calm, react rapidly, and follow these simple tips!

The Rescue
Falling overboard can be dangerous so it’s essential to know exactly what to do to safely rescue the passenger.

  • Alert the rest of your passengers by shouting, “Man overboard!” to aware them of the situation.
  • If your boat has a GPS system, press the ‘man overboard’ button.
  • Turn off the boat immediately.
  • Keep the victim in sight.
  • Throw a flotation device to the overboard passenger. If they are close enough, use a floatation device that is attached to the boat with a cord.
  • Safely take the boat back towards the passenger in the water. Going downwind is safest!
  • Once the person is close enough, you should use a ladder or lifeline to get them back on board.
  • No one should jump in the water to try to save the passenger! Only if the overboard passenger is injured and needs immediate aid should someone (in a life jacket and attached to the boat’s lifeline) get in the water to assist.

Instill Safety 
As the boat-owner, you should ensure that each passenger knows the safety precautions when coming onboard. You should show them where the life jackets, flotation devices, and recovery gear are kept and how to use them in case of an emergency.

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