The truth about electric vehicles.

While most people know what electric cars are, there are many misconceptions about these types of vehicles.  To clear the air, here is the truth behind some of the popular myths surrounding electric cars.

Myth 1: “Electric Cars Don’t Have Any Range.”

Many drivers believe that electric cars cannot hold their charge long enough to travel long distances.  In reality, the average American only drives about 40 miles a day.  Even the shortest-range electric vehicles can travel double that on a single charge.  Generally, electric vehicles have the ability to get anywhere from 150 miles to 310 miles on a single charge.

Myth 2: “They Are Too Expensive to Buy.”

Admittedly, electric vehicles are currently on the more expensive end.  However, with battery costs expected to drop dramatically in the coming years, they will soon become much more affordable for drivers across the country.  Additionally, most electric cars still qualify for a one-time $7,500 federal tax credit that can help you offset some of the cost.

Myth 3: “They Cost Too Much to Maintain and Repair.”

Many drivers write off electric vehicles because they believe that they are too expensive to maintain and repair.  While it’s true that electric cars do require unique parts and specialty technicians, this cost is offset by the fact that they do not require as much maintenance.  Unlike standard cars, electric vehicles do not require regular oil changes or tune-ups.  Additionally, electric vehicles have fewer moving parts that require servicing or replacement.  Because they are so low maintenance to own, electric vehicles are also very cost-effective.

This is the truth behind some of the most common electric car myths.  Whether you drive a standard car or have gone electric, you need to protect your vehicle with the right insurance.  For assistance with all your auto insurance needs, contact the experts at Scavone Insurance Agency Center LLC in White Plains, New York, today.

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