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The Dangers of Driving in Autumn

When the leaves turn red, orange, and yellow, you know it’s the season of autumn. Just be careful on the road. Fall means many wonderful things: sweater season, baking apple and pumpkin pies, and nature seem to paint themselves for our very eyes as shades of yellow and red parade themselves across almost every tree in sight. For drivers, fall

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Life-Changing Skills You Can Learn in 6 Months or Less

Everyone has the ability to learn life-changing skills that will make a positive influence on their life in less than 6 months.  Life-changing events are meant to have a positive impact on your life moving forward, even if it’s something you think is unattainable today. Certain skills we can immediately pick up and reap the benefits, while other life-changing events

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How to Get Better Sleep the Natural Way

Instead of taking drugs every night, try these natural remedies which will help you catch those much-wanted ZZZs.  We live in a very stressed out, super busy, and hyper-caffeinated world in which quality sleep usually gets put on the back burner. The problem is that the lack of sleep is starting show around our waistlines and in our overall poor

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Avoid Having Your House Insurance Cancelled

Your home needs homeowners insurance in order to cover it in case disaster strikes and you don’t want to experience a financial downturn.  Homeowners who file frequent insurance claims, break the rules, and have bad credit may be in for a fairly rude awakening when the time comes to renew their policies. That’s because all of these actions are noted

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How to Take Awesome Landscape Photography

Landscape photography may seem easy, but only with tips and practice will you get better at this difficult form of art.  If you’ve ever taken a peek at a National Geographic photography contest, you may have found yourself to be blown away with all of the natural beauty this Earth has to offer that you’ve never in your life noticed.

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COVID-19 Update:

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, our office is working with limited staff. We are requesting people to come in ONLY IF NECESSARY! We have all the resources to continue servicing your Insurance needs. Should you need to contact us, please call the office first!! 914-428-7111. You can also reach us by email [email protected], or fax 914-428-7764.
You are more than just our Policyholders; you are our friends and “Insurance family”! We hope you stay safe and we will get through this together!! COVID-19 Info