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How to Save on Your Home Insurance

Try out these suggestions to lower your homeowners insurance costs. Even if your homeowners insurance rates are on the high end, you should never  compromise your coverage as a way to save money.  Fortunately, there are other things that you can do to save on your insurance costs.  Take these steps to lower your home insurance rates. Bundle Your Policies

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What You Need to Know About Scheduled Personal Property Insurance

Here’s how scheduled personal property insurance can help you fill your homeowners insurance coverage gaps. Like any other insurance policy, your homeowners insurance is subject to certain coverage limits. For instance, the personal property coverage offered by your policy is subject to specific dollar limits. These limits can make it difficult to completely cover high-value belongings such as jewelry, fine

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When Is it Worth it to File a Home Insurance Claim?

Should I file a homeowners insurance claim? As a responsible homeowner, you likely have the right insurance to protect your property. With this coverage in place, you probably don’t think twice about using it. However, there are certain small issues that may not be worth a claim. Here’s what you should consider before accessing your homeowners insurance coverage. Premium Increases

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How You Can Keep Your Home Warm, Dry, and Safe This Season

Try out these suggestions to protect your home from wet winter weather. At this point, your home has likely already faced its fair share of winter weather conditions. For the next couple of months, the weather is sure to put much more pressure on your home. This is why it’s so important to take steps to protect it. Here are

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Snow Removal?

Find out what your homeowners insurance can do for you this winter. If you live in an area that gets a lot of ice and snow during the winter, you are probably curious to know what your homeowners insurance will cover. For instance, is snow and ice damage covered? What about snow removal? Here’s what you need to know about

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Protect Your Pipes This Fall and Winter

Taking these steps can prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting. As we move deeper into fall, temperatures continue to drop steadily. Unfortunately, as the weather gets colder, the chances of your pipes freezing and bursting increases considerably. If you would like to avoid the extensive damage that a burst pipe could cause, here are some of the suggestions you

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How You Can Lose Your Home Insurance Coverage

Partaking in these activities can result in the loss of your homeowners insurance coverage. As with any other type of insurance policy, there is a list of conditions you must fulfill in order to keep your homeowners insurance. Additionally, most home policies come with a list of issues that could result in a denial of coverage or a complete cancellation

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Tips for Preparing for Hurricane Season

Don’t leave your home and loved ones vulnerable to a hurricane. When hurricanes hit, they leave a path of destruction that can be absolutely devastating. While it’s impossible to avoid damage if you are standing in the path of a hurricane, there are steps you can take to be prepared for what a hurricane has in store for you, your

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Fall Home Checklist

Take care of these tasks to get your home ready for fall. Fall is right around the corner! With the change of seasons in the air, it’s important to get your home ready for fall weather. By taking care of these home maintenance tasks now, you can avoid serious damages in the future. Here are some of the tasks that

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Is it Worth it to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?

Thinking about paying off your mortgage now?  Consider this before making your final decision. When you compare what your home costs to what you will end up paying for it by the time you finish paying off your mortgage, the difference can be staggering. This may lead you to consider paying off your mortgage now rather than later. However, before

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