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Buying the Right Policy for Your High Value or Scheduled Items

We all own possessions that have additional sentimental value over and above what we have paid for them. While you may not insure for sentimental value, you can insure for the appraised value. For example, antiques and collectible items may be worth much more than what you may have paid for them originally. These items are referred to as scheduled

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How Are Home Insurance and Water Damage Claims Connected?

Many different things can cause water damage. Your homeowners ‘ insurance will cover water damage caused by a sudden or accidental event. Other causes, however, are not. If you do file a claim that is protected by your homeowners’ insurance, be prepared. You will still have to pay your deductible before your insurance coverage kicks in. This post discusses how

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Does Your Homeowners’ Insurance cover rodent Damage?

Mice, rats, and insects can cause different types of damage to your home and personal belongings. Unfortunately, most rodents go undetected until they have taken up permanent residency in your home. You may catch glimpses of them now and then, but it isn’t until the damage becomes more noticeable that you realize you have a real problem on your hands.

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How to Protect Your College Student from On-campus Losses

Sending your child to college is an experience that comes with exhilaration, stress, and a measure of anxiety. Therefore, knowing how your homeowners’ insurance policy protects your children and their belongings while they are away at college will go a long way in putting you at ease. Most homeowners insurance policies offer coverage for college students as long as they’re

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3 Essential Tips for New Landlords

Most of the time we overestimate our knowledge of new things because we have a friend or someone we know who appears to cope well with the task. Sadly, being a new landlord is more complex than you think. In this blog post, we provide tips to ease the burden of being a new landlord. There are legal procedures and

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What is Covered By Your Homeowners Insurance? Here’s What You Need to Know

Homeowners may often overestimate the coverage offered by their home insurance policy, expecting it to cover all types of damage. However, the truth is a homeowners policy only covers specific occurrences/events up to certain amounts. It has limitations and may have gaps that can leave you struggling to cover unexpected losses. Knowing what your insurance covers will help you find

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How to Make the Best of Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Homeowners insurance provides a myriad of benefits, including dwelling coverage, structural coverage, personal property coverage, personal liability coverage, guest or visitor medical protection, and additional living expenses coverage. Homeowners are advised to purchase any applicable policies to protect against emergencies and huge financial expenses for repair work. Here is a consumer’s guide to homeowners insurance for purchasing maximum coverage while

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4 Tips for Finding the Right Homeowners insurance

When you purchase a new home, your priority should be to buy the right homeowners insurance to sufficiently protect your investment. For many first-time homeowners, it may be confusing trying to sort through all of the different coverage types. This is where discussing your options with a reputable agent will help you make wise investment decisions. Here are 4 tips

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