Covering Broken Pipes for Both Homeowners and Renters

Broken pipes will lead to a huge mess whether you own a home or rent an apartment. Your homeowners and renters insurance will help you get through a difficult situation if you experience a burst pipe. However, you should know a few things that will allow you to get the coverage you need to be fully protected. This article provides some vital insurance-related information on broken pipes.

Are Broken Pipes Covered?

Most homeowner policies will cover burst pipes. Some require that the pipe burst be related to a power failure. Such policies state that the insurer will cover the loss if an offsite failure causes covered damages to property. You will need to speak to your insurance agent to determine what your policy says. Having a pipe burst is one of the most common water-related perils covered under most homeowners’ policies. Many others are not. This is why getting clarification from your insurance agent is so important. Reading through your policy may be confusing. Your agent will be able to give you the details you need, so it’s much easier to understand.

It’s Complicated in Texas

In Texas, the burst pipe issue is a little more complicated. Texas isn’t known for cold weather, so in most areas, for a burst pipe to be covered, the homeowner must be able to prove that they took necessary precautions to keep their pipes from freezing. This can mean installing heat tape or simply maintaining a constant temperature where the pipes are located. Many homeowners in the northernmost part of the state already take precautions to protect against burst pipes. The past few years have proven that the entire state can be subjected to colder temperatures from time to time.

What’s Excluded?

Most basic homeowners policies do not cover sewer backups or drain leaks. You can, however, purchase an endorsement or add-on to your policy that will cover those situations. Flooding is another peril that will require an additional endorsement. If you live on or near a floodplain, you will want to invest in this type of insurance. Read through your policy and look closely at the details. Also, roof collapses due to negligence are not covered as well. Talk to your insurance provider and get clarification to know what endorsements you may need to add.

Why Having Adequate Renters Insurance Is Important?

While a landlord will receive compensation for the damages to their property, they won’t receive any for you as a renter. You will need to have a renters policy to protect your possessions. Most renters’ policies will cover the damage caused by broken pipes. Renters insurance is extremely important. Your landlord is not obligated to assist you in protecting your possessions. It would help if you learned as much as you can about your lease and your renters’ insurance policy.

If you want to know more about water-related damage and how efficient your homeowner’s or renters’ policies will be at protecting you, contact our insurance professionals at Scavone Insurance Agency Center LLC. We have the experience and knowledge you can rely on when you are trying to protect your home and property. Unfortunately, water damage is often misunderstood when it comes to homeowners’ and renters’ insurance. Let us help you clear up the confusion!

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