Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Lightning Strikes?

Lightning strikes happen frequently and can seriously harm houses and other structures. The average cost of a homeowners insurance claim involving lightning strikes has increased recently. This article describes how and when your insurance provider might cover or pay for damage from lightning strikes and what homeowners can do to minimize damages or complications while filing claims.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Lightning Strikes?

Homeowners insurance protects your home from different types of damage, including damage from lightning strikes. If lightning strikes damage your house, you can file a claim. Damage to your personal property will also be covered, like if the lightning causes a power surge that fries your television.

It is, however, important to note that you can risk higher premiums when you renew your policy. Taking care of expenses if the damage is less severe out of pocket is one way you can keep your premiums to a minimum. There are several preventative measures that you also undertake to protect yourself from a lightning strike.

How do I protect my home from lightning damage?

A lightning strike can destroy electronics and wiring inside the walls, start a fire inside or outside your home, break delicate appliances, and even hurt you while you’re inside. As a homeowner, you want to protect your family and home. Here are several ways to protect your home from lightning damage:

  1. It is always safe to unplug your electronic devices before a storm.This can prevent a potential electric surge that could fry your devices. You can also get a surge protector that may protect your electronics. You can directly wire into the main panel to cover the whole house.
  2. Lightning strikes can cause a fire.Checking your smoke detectors working regularly is essential.
  3. Have a fire extinguisher handy.If a lightning strike causes a fire, a fire extinguisher will come in handy to help minimize or prevent damage to your home and property.

Filing a Claim for a lightning Strike

You ought to be able to file a claim if lightning strikes your house or other property. However, the way lightning damage is evaluated varies between insurance companies. You can submit a claim for a lightning strike in a few different ways:

  • Document Evidence: Always take photos and videos of the damage as evidence
  • Obtain repair or rebuild estimates: Always ask local contractors for repair cost estimates. It can be helpful to have quotes from certified contractors if you discover that your insurance company’s initial reimbursement offer is inadequate.
  • Supply Information: Be prepared to provide the insurance company with details regarding the property you are claiming a loss for, such as the approximate cost of the damaged possessions.
  • Contact your insurance company: File a claim with your insurance provider to get coverage for the damage. You might have to pay a deductible. It is the amount you must pay out of pocket before your insurance covers the rest.
  • Make temporary repairs: Make temporary repairs if required while you wait for the claims procedure to be finished. Any receipts or other proof of purchase should be saved so that your homeowners insurance provider will compensate you.
  • Prepare for the claims adjuster: The claims adjuster examines the damage to your house, physically or virtually, and determines if your insurance will pay for the necessary repairs.

It is also advised to stay inside during thunderstorms with lightning to protect yourself. Nobody wants to experience lightning striking their home. Always make sure you have the appropriate insurance if you do.

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You must ascertain whether a homeowners policy covers all potential risks to your home before making a purchase. If you have questions concerning lightning coverage for home insurance, contact our insurance specialists at Scavone Insurance Agency Center.


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