Mice, rats, and insects can cause different types of damage to your home and personal belongings. Unfortunately, most rodents go undetected until they have taken up permanent residency in your home. You may catch glimpses of them now and then, but it isn’t until the damage becomes more noticeable that you realize you have a real problem on your hands. However, another problem with this situation is that your homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover most types of rodent damage. This guide contains a summary of what homeowners’ insurance covers.

Only Sudden and Accidental Losses Are Covered

Homeowners’ insurance policies usually only cover sudden and accidental losses. For a rodent or insect infestation to be covered by your insurance, a swarm of rodents would have to converge on your home suddenly and reduce it to rubble in a matter of minutes. It’s doubtful that any rodent infestation would ever be considered accidental. In most cases, the only sudden or unexpected thing about a rodent infestation is how you found the problem.

Preventable Losses Are Not Covered.

One of the main reasons your homeowners’ insurance policy does not cover rodent infestations is that they are considered preventable losses. Having your home regularly inspected to determine if you have gained any new critters is best to avoid rodent-related damage. Having your home checked in the spring and fall is another good way to keep pests under control, making your home free of unwanted guests. Look for ways to prevent rodents from entering your home, and you won’t have to worry about any damage.

Collaborate with Your Local Exterminator

Maintain control of your home, pests, and rodents who try to infest and destroy your house and property. The best way to accomplish that goal is to collaborate with your local exterminator. They can help you get to know the signs of an infestation even in its earliest stages. They can also treat your home to prevent future visitors from trying to share your home with you. Finally, after evaluating your home, they can give you suggestions on things you can do to lower your risk of infestations and offer a treatment plan that will provide a layer of security that will protect your home in the long run.

Pests can pose a long-term problem if you don’t get a handle on them early. Knowing how to prevent them from taking up space in your home is half the battle. It’s also important to understand what your homeowners’ insurance covers and what it doesn’t. If you have any questions, contact our insurance professionals at Scavone Insurance Agency Center LLC. Our seasoned insurance experts can help you answer any questions you have about your policy. They will also give you a few ideas on how to protect your home further. Keeping your home pest and rodent-free isn’t difficult if you follow the recommendations of your local exterminator and have your home treated regularly.