Driving Safety Tips for St. Patrick’s Day!

Driving Safety Tips for St. Patrick’s Day!How to have a safe and fun St. Patrick’s Day.

Every year, March brings out a little bit of everyone’s wild side. March Madness, warmer weather, and, of course, St. Patrick’s Day.
Drunk driving is one of the biggest concerns for all holidays, but especially St. Patrick’s Day. It seems that many people forget the meaning of the day and assume the goal of the holiday is to drink without limits.

Take action and keep the roads safe. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends some simple steps to help ensure that this St. Patrick’s Day is as accident-free as possible.

  • Before you begin to cloud your brain and chug Guinness (or the alcoholic beverage of your choice) plan a safe way home.
  • Assign a designated driver (DD). Your buddy who was drawn the fateful straw has to suck it up and withhold from drinking for the night.
  • If your city allows for it, plan on using public transportation or taxis to get you home safely. If you use public transportation, it may take longer than you’d like to get home, but it’s infinitely better than the alternative.
  • Speaking of lifts, using Lyft or Uber are great ways to get where you’re going and are typically cheaper than taxis.
  • If you see a drunk driver on the road, call your local law enforcement agency.


We at Scavone Insurance Agency Center LLC hope you have a safe and fun St. Patrick’s Day. Drunk driving is easily preventable and no family should have to bear the punishments of your mistakes. To have fun with the peace of mind, you deserve contact Scavone Insurance Agency Center LLC in White Plains, New York for all of your auto insurance coverage needs.

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