Essential Winter Insurance Tips to Prevent Damage During Winters

You must ensure that the required maintenance to prepare your home for the long and harsh winter ahead is done beforehand, preferably in the fall. The care translates to fewer chances of your home being damaged during the winter season and a lesser need to file an insurance claim for you as the homeowner.

You must check your home’s indoor and outdoor areas for maintenance issues, thus ensuring that the house is winter-furnished to face the season. Check out a few winter insurance tips that can help prevent winter damage.

Things to be done in the outdoors:

  • Keep all outdoor furniture, decorative items, and appliances in storage to protect them from damage.
  • Clear all debris from the gutters and check for any damage. Debris in the drain may lead to an ice dam formation that can cause damage to the roof and the siding.
  • Check the roof thoroughly for cracks and leaks. While on the top, ensure no gaps in the seal around the chimney and the skylights.
  • Clean the eaves trough and downspouts of debris. Clogged drains may result in a flooded basement and even cause water damage to the house’s foundation.
  • Trim the trees that are located close to the house. Falling overhead branches can cause damage to the home structure.
  • Remove the garden hose from the tap to prevent damage by freezing pipes.

Things to do inside the home

  • Get the maintenance and servicing of your home’s heating system to ensure that it is in optimum condition before the onset of winter
  • Clean the chimney before using the fireplace for the first time in the winter
  • Remove the accumulated lint and dust from inside the clothes dryer as the build-up of static electricity due to the arid weather conditions
  • Maintain the thermostat at or around 55F. Besides keeping the interiors comfortable, it prevents the pipes from freezing.

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While you can do some maintenance work independently, several jobs need professional expertise. Hiring a professional to check for damages and perform repair work is the best option.

You may add certain coverages such as siding and roof restoration, sump pump, and water backup coverages to your home insurance for added protection during winter. For more information, contact our team at Scavone Insurance Agency Center LLC today. We are happy to answer all your insurance-related questions and provide optimum solutions. Contact us today to get it started!

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