Insurance Coverage for College Students

Insurance Coverage for College Students

Sending your child off to college can be an exciting, yet scary time as a parent. Before dropping your child off at school, it is important to make sure that they are protected with the right insurance policies. Make sure to look over all of your insurance policies, and look into possible new polices that will protect you college student and their belongings while they are off at college, and to see if you qualify for any discounts while they are gone.

Auto insurance. If your child is taking their car to college, make sure that they have the right auto insurance policy to protect them from any damage that may be done while they are away. If you child is not taking a car to college more than 100 miles away, you may qualify for a distant student discount, which will reduce the cost of your premiums since they will not be driving the car as often. Whether your child is still in High School or attending College some companies offer a Good Student discount, the discount would be applicable if your child has a B (3.0) or better GPA.

Home or renter’s insurance. If your child is moving into a dorm on campus, check your homeowners insurance policy to ensure that it will provide enough coverage for their belongings. Most homeowners insurance policies have up to a 10 percent limit on your personal property coverage that will cover belongings that are kept at a different residence.  You will need to make sure your policy does not have “off premise theft” excluded. If you child is moving into an off campus house or apartment, make sure to invest in renter’s insurance. While the landlord’s policy will cover the structure of the home from damage, it will not cover any personal property. For a relatively inexpensive monthly payment, a renter’s insurance policy will protect all of your child’s belongings while they are out of the house.

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