Happy Fourth of July! All of us at Scavone Insurance Center would like to wish you and your family a fun, and safe 4th of July holiday. Keep these safety tips in mind to ensure that everyone has a safe holiday and can enjoy all that the holiday has to offer.

  • Do not allow children to swim without supervision.
  • Never swim alone or while under the influence of alcohol. Swimming while intoxicated increases your chances of drowning.
  • Do not leave a lit barbecue unattended. Do not allow children or animals to play around a lit barbecue.
  • Always keep a bucket of water or hose nearby when grilling to put out any unexpected fires.
  • Place the barbecue in an open area away from building, low hanging trees, or other flammable items.
  • If you are lighting off your own fireworks, make sure to clear the launce area from and trash, dry grass, or other flammable items.
  • Never allow children to light fireworks or sparklers.
  • Never point fireworks at other people, animals, buildings, or other flammable items.

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