Frozen & Burst Pipes: What To Do Now

Frozen & Burst Pipes: What To Do Now

Water Pipe Maintenance Procedures

As a New York homeowner, it is imperative that you know how to protect your pipes when the temperatures begin to drop below freezing levels. This is especially important for homeowners who do not have flood insurance, as water that floods your home will not be covered under your homeowners’ insurance policy. When you follow these helpful water pipe maintenance procedures, you can protect your home from the damages frozen and burst pipes may cause:

  • Before the temperatures drop any lower, try to make an effort to wrap up for winter. This means wrapping any exposed pipes with installed material so that they are less vulnerable to the chill.
  • If you are unaware of where your shut-off valve is, locate it now! This is imperative to recovering from a burst pipe with ease, as you will know exactly where to go to prevent extreme water damage. It is always smart to share this knowledge with others in the house just in case you are not home when your pipes become too overwhelmed.
  • Knowing the signs of a frozen pipe is just as important as knowing how to recover with ease. If you turn on a faucet in your house and a trickle of water is released, you likely have a frozen pipe. As you treat this pipe, it is important that you keep the faucet open so that water can flow through the frozen zone and melt the rest.
  • Most importantly, do not try to test the waters and fix a burst pipe on your own. Simply turn off the main shut-off valve and call a plumber as soon as possible.

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