How Can Speeding Tickets Impact Your Auto Insurance Rates?

Research shows that there are multiple variables involved in figuring out an auto insurance premium. Practicing safe driving habits can help you find cheaper rates. If you are served a speeding ticket, your insurer will assess multiple factors, including the type of ticket, the level of severity, the location, and whether you have previous tickets on your record. If you are caught speeding at a reckless level, your auto insurance premium could rise substantially. Then there are non-moving violations such as parking tickets that generally don’t impact your premiums unless you forget to pay them.

Failing to pay for your tickets may cause your license to be suspended. If you receive your first speeding ticket, your rates will remain unchanged, especially if you were only driving a few miles over the speed limit. If you receive another ticket in the future, then your rates may be compromised. Here’s a look at how a minor speeding ticket may impact things.

Do Speeding Tickets Permanently Stay on Your Driving Record?

Moving violations stay on your driving record. Accumulate too many, and your insurer may view you as a high-risk driver. Having multiple speeding tickets on your driving record may lead to you having to pay higher rates for an extended period. Research shows that getting a ticket for driving more than 1-15 miles over the speed limit can cause your premiums to rise by more than 20%. If you are caught driving under the influence, your auto insurance rates may increase by 74%.

Variables to Consider

  • The Type of Violation

    Insurance companies handle violations differently depending on the circumstances. Were you wearing a seatbelt when you got pulled over? Were you texting while driving or running a red light? Pay attention to the state laws. Most speeding tickets on your driving record will fall off after a few years. Most states will assess your driving record during renewal periods. If you were ticketed for violations such as reckless driving, that would be a red flag.

  • Location

    If you get a speeding ticket while you are on vacation in another state, there’s a chance that your insurance rates may go up. Many states share driving record data, especially for serious violations.

  • Was It Your First Traffic Offense?

    If you are an older driver with an established track record of safe driving, your insurance rates likely will not increase. If you have had multiple speeding tickets in the last four years, your rates will likely increase, and you could have your policy canceled. You may also have trouble finding a new policy.

Contact Your Insurer

One of the most common factors to consider regarding whether your premium may rise is the type of carrier you are working with. Most car insurance providers will look at your driving record to determine your auto insurance rate. Talk to your insurance provider to determine your insurance rates and the factors affecting them.

How to Effectively Reduce Your Auto Insurance Rates?

  • Appealing the Decision

    If you believe that you should not have received the ticket, you can attempt to appeal it. The violation will be removed from your driving record if you win the appeal.

  • Taking a Driving Course

    If you opt to take a defensive driving course, you can reduce the points on your license and possibly qualify for a discount in the future. You can take the course online. Be aware, however, that having points deducted from your driving record depends on variables such as the place where the violation happened and the severity of the ticket.

  • Driving Safely

    Practicing safe driving is the easiest way to reduce your insurance premiums over time. You may also qualify for a safe driving discount. Bundling home and auto coverages can also help you qualify for a discount.

  • Avoid Filing Claims

    If you can avoid filing claims, that may prevent your carrier from increasing your rates. Changing your coverages and altering your deductible are other ways to reduce your rate. Before making a decision, it’s recommended that you assess your insurance needs, the value of your vehicle and whether you can cover potential damages out of pocket if you choose to raise your deductible. It’s also recommended that you shop around and view quotes from multiple car insurance agencies.

Consult With Scavone Insurance Agency Center LLC

Generally, one minor traffic ticket will not impact your coverage. However, it’s important to look over your policy carefully and practice safe driving habits. If you have any questions, contact our team here at Scavone Insurance Agency, and we will assist you.

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