How do Recalls Work?Recalls happen when manufacturers notice there is something wrong with their product and need to take it off the market.

A recall is issued when a manufacturer or the NHTSA determines that a vehicle, piece of automotive equipment, car seat, tire, or any part of the car creates a safety risk that’s unreasonable or fails to meet the minimum safety standards. If such an issue is found, your manufacturer is required to notify you and fix the issue free of charge.

If you are informed of the matter and the subsequent recall, the first step is to read the notice letter carefully and follow the manufacturer’s guidance. All recalls are serious and should be taken seriously. The details of recalls and how to fix them vary. Don’t wait! Contact your vehicle dealer to receive your free fix.

If you think that your car or car part has some safety defect, of if you have reason to believe that your manufacturer isn’t meeting their end of the bargain, report the issue to the NHTSA. Every complaint is read because it helps them root out their safety defects and make the roads safer for everyone.

If you don’t think your vehicle has some defect, it doesn’t hurt to check the NHTSA’s website and use the recall lookup tool at least twice per year to search vehicles by Vehicle Identification Number, a unique sequence of alpha-numeric sets assigned to your car. You can also sign up for their Recall Alerts which notify you when there’s something wrong with your vehicle’s manufacturing company.

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