How to Buy Car Insurance

How to Buy Car Insurance4 things you need to know about car insurance.

Whether you just bought a shiny new Tesla or bought a used, but reliable, Honda from 2002, buying car insurance is a must to protect yourself and the others you share the road with. Cheap rates sound the most enticing, but that won’t mean much when you can’t cover your expenses – let alone those of the other vehicle’s driver. Here are 4 aspects of buying car insurance you need to know before purchasing.

  1. The curse of a lower premium.

What happens if you have $5,000 in repairs and your premium is on the lower end? If you have a $1,000 deductible, that means you’ll be paying for 20 percent of the costs before your insurance kicks in. A higher premium may mean you only have to pay a $250 deductible and pay 5 percent of the costs.

  1. Discounts galore.

There are many discounts for which you could qualify. Security systems, good driving record, customer loyalty, taking a defensive driving course, etc., are all potential discounts waiting to happen. Ask your agent which ones you qualify for!

  1. Combine policies.

If you already have a homeowners insurance policy and choose to go with the same company for your auto insurance, bundling these two together will knock a chunk from your premiums.

  1. Shop around.

While discounts are provided by bundling, there may be bigger savings you can receive by switching to another company. Companies want your business, and willing to give you major discounts if you come to them.


There’s more to insurance than just finding the lowest premium available, and the best isn’t always the lowest. Get the best premiums on your auto insurance to suit your needs and budget at Scavone Insurance Agency Center LLC. Located in White Plains, New York, contact us today for a quote!

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