Take these steps to prepare your boat for spring use.

Now that temperatures are warmer and the weather is clearing up, you may be thinking about taking your boat out of winter storage.  However, before you can hit the open water, make sure your boat is ready to take the plunge.  Here are some of the things that you should check to ensure that your boat is ready for spring use.

  • Your Engine

If you have properly winterized your boat before putting it into storage, then you should not have to change your oil or oil filter.  However, you should recheck the lower unit to ensure that water has not seeped into the tank.  Creamy oil indicates water, which means you will have to change out your oil again.  If you removed your boat’s battery prior to winter storage, then now is the time to reinstall it.  After putting the battery back in, make sure all electrical connections are tightened and the battery is secure.

  • Your Registration and Permits

Many boat owners forget to check their registration and permits before shoving off.  Unfortunately, if your documents are expired, then this can lead to annoying financial and legal consequences.  This is why you should check your registration and permits to ensure that they are all up to date.  If not, then update them and replace all the necessary stickers on your boat.

  • Your Safety Equipment

Your boat should have certain pieces of safety equipment on board at all times.  For instance, you need to have functioning fire extinguishers aboard your ship.  Before setting sail, verify that your fire extinguishers are the correct class for your watercraft.  Additionally, test them to ensure that they are working properly.  You should also ensure that you have life jackets for all your regular passengers.  If you have children, verify that their life jackets still fit, as they might have outgrown them.  Finally, make sure that your boat’s radio is operating properly, your sound signaling devices have fresh batteries, your distress signals haven’t expired, and your first-aid kit is fully stocked.

These are some of the steps that you should take to get your boat ready for spring use.  Remember, having the right personal watercraft insurance is another way to ensure that your boat is ready for anything.  For assistance with all your boat insurance needs, contact the experts at the Scavone Insurance Agency Center LLC in White Plains, New York today.