How to Handle Your Scheduled Car Maintenance

Every car needs to be well-maintained for it to run properly and get you from point A to B (and even C) without any issues. 

Many car owners spend little to no time on the maintenance of their car, nor do they prepare for a scheduled check-up. They merely drive up to the station and agree to all the recommendations of the service advisor. This can be a costly error! We are here to tell you how you can prepare yourself for the scheduled maintenance of your car, and potentially avoid being overcharged.

What work is needed? 

Your mechanic may tell you one thing that may clash with things you’ve seen on the internet or heard from the automotive grapevine. Who’s right? Well, there is one place you can check to be 100 percent certain, and that is your car’s owner’s manual. It was written by the representatives who designed and built the model. When it comes to fluids and replacements, you can always check the manual and compare it to what your mechanic says.

Take your belongings with you. 

When you arrive at the dealership you will be welcomed by one of the greeters. They will take down the vehicle identification number and the vehicle’s mileage on a form which they pass down to the mechanic. Your car is about to go in the shop, so make sure that you take all of your precious belongings with you like your wallet, purse, sunglasses, chargers, and anything else you don’t want potentially stolen.

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