How to Prepare Your Motorcycle to Go Back on the Road

How to Prepare Your Motorcycle to Go Back on the RoadMotorcycles that have been at rest will stay at rest unless you properly act upon them.

Spring is here, meaning the sun is out longer, and something in your brain is telling you that it’s time to ride. It’s riding season! If you’ve stored your bike all of winter, you’re going to want to prepare your bike before your throttle away. Here is a guide to make sure that your bike is ready for a new year of riding into the sunset.

  1. Check your cables and battery

If you haven’t used your motorcycle in over two weeks, it is most likely going to need a recharge before you hit the open road.

  1. Drain the fuel tank

Replace the fuel filters every two years to allow for proper filtration of the gas. Be sure to check all fuel lines for any damage or leaks, and replace them as soon as you spot them. Forgetting these could end up with you walking your bike quite the distance.

  1. Check all lights

Lights are only useful if they actually work. Don’t forget to check the blinkers and the rear lights.

  1. Lube the chain

Make sure your chain is well lubed to prevent overheating and breaking the chain. After each ride, spray both side of the chain to ensure a healthy chain, and a safer ride.

  1. Check the oil & filters

Replace the shaft drive oil with regular oil on your motorcycle. It will allow for your bike to perform at optimal level.

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