How to Save on Your College Student’s Auto Insurance

How to Save on Your College Student’s Auto Insurance

If your child is heading to college this year, there’s a chance you could be saving.

Generally, drivers under the age of 25 have the highest auto insurance rates.  This is because younger drivers are deemed high risk and are more likely to get into an accident.  If your kid is going away for school this year and won’t be driving, then you have a chance to lower your student’s car insurance premium.  Talk to your insurance agency about these possible discounts.

Take your child off of your policy.

Many insurers will allow you to temporarily remove your child from your auto policy.  However, this is more common for students that are moving over 100 miles away for school.  If your child isn’t going quite that far, this may not apply.

Student away.

If you don’t want to completely remove your child from your policy, you may be eligible for student away discounts.  Again, while students generally qualify if they’re over 100 miles away, speak to your auto insurance provider to verify.

Occasional driver.

Another way to save if you want to keep your student on your policy is to change their status from primary to occasional driver.  Be warned, insurers may have different interpretations of “occasional driver” so check with your insurance agency.

Good student.

If your child gets good grades, you may qualify for a good student discount on your auto insurance.  The grade specifications vary, but normally students who maintain a B average and can provide proof (an unofficial transcript will suffice) are eligible for these discounts.

Keep in mind that many of these money-saving strategies will require you to adjust your policy when your student is home for breaks.  Speak to your auto insurer to find out how you can save while your child is away.  For all your auto insurance needs, contact the professional team at Scavone Insurance today!

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