Spring cleaning should be done thoroughly but that doesn’t mean it should take forever, especially with these expedited tips. 

Spring marks the time in which Americans all across the nation buckle down and thoroughly clean their homes. A process which many adults consider liberating as their home feels brand new, and one that children usually associate with losing precious weekend time. But a thoroughly cleaned home does not mean you have to spend hours and hours and hours on cleaning. Here are a few tips on how to speed up your spring cleaning.

Carpets and Upholstery

Fabrics that have absorbed a full year’s worth of dirt and grime should be shampooed. You can rent a carpet cleaner and deeply clean your carpets and upholstery to make them look and feel like new. Move furniture slightly, and place wax paper underneath the footholds in order to keep the carpet and furniture protected from one another.

Wash the Walls

You may not think that dust collect on your walls because they are vertical structures, but you’d be wrong. Walls are not perfectly smooth and dust can collect on these marginal grooves. Additionally, dust is usually electrostatically charged and will stick to the wall as if they (the spec of dust and wall) were magnets. Use a sponge and dish soap to give the wall a proper rinse.

Finish the Floors

In order to protect your floors from another year of natural wear and tear, you should apply wax or another sealant. You should use a floor cleaner that cleans and shines before you apply the sealing substance to your floor.

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