How to Take Awesome Landscape Photography

How to Take Awesome Landscape PhotographyLandscape photography may seem easy, but only with tips and practice will you get better at this difficult form of art. 

If you’ve ever taken a peek at a National Geographic photography contest, you may have found yourself to be blown away with all of the natural beauty this Earth has to offer that you’ve never in your life noticed. Feeling inspired, you went online and bought a quality camera and some good lenses as well. You decided you were going to take some beautiful landscape photography, too! You hear the shutter snap a few times as you point your camera towards the mountains with the sunlight kissing their snow peaks ever so gently. You look at what you’ve done and it looks like the photography of your child who just points and shoots at random objects. If you’ve ever found yourself to be in this predicament, take these helpful tips into consideration next time you decide you want to take awesome landscape photography.

Angle of Light

With any landscape photography, notice where the light is hitting the object being photographed. You’ll likely notice that the light is hitting the object at close to 90 degrees. This creates a neat vertical line dividing the light and the shadow.

Composition of a Photo

Play with the dimensions in your photo. If you’re focusing on something close, make sure there’s something in the background. Then, using the Rule of Thirds, frame your picture to direct the eye of the viewer exactly where you want it to go.

Using a Tripod

Tripods are often seen as a crutch to the amateur photographer, but anyone who has any experience will tell you that their tripod is almost like their best friend. If you are planning on having any meaningful background filled with detailed structure, a steady camera (brought to you by the tripod) and a slow shutter are required.

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