Is There a Way to Prevent Frozen Pipes?

When temperatures drop to below freezing, the water inside of our home pipes can freeze and break those very pipes. Is there a way to prevent this? 

Water is the stuff of life. But it can also be the stuff of much anger. When you cool water to its freezing point, it will crystallize and form what we call ice. But it doesn’t just freeze: it expands. The H2O molecule structure forces every molecule to arrange in such a way that they are essentially forced apart, rather than together. (If you are curious to know more about molecular polarity and crystallization of water, this link provides a good explanation.) This expansion can have a real toll on your home pipes if you do not take care of them properly.

Which pipes run the highest risk?

  • Water pipes in unheated, interior locations like crawl spaces, basements, attics, garages, and other such places.
  • Outdoor faucets and hoses.
  • Pipes that run against interior walls without proper, or no insulation.
  • Sprinkler lines.

How can you prevent frozen pipes?

  • Close the inside valves that lead to outdoor faucets and other hookups.
  • While the water supply is off, open the outdoor faucets to allow any water leftover to drain–and keep them open throughout the cold winter months.
  • Insulate the walls through which pipes run–water won’t freeze unless it reaches 32 degrees F (at sea level).
  • Keep the garage closed to help protect the exposed water pipes.

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