Get involved this National Mental Health Awareness Month.

In the United States, National Mental Health Awareness Month is observed every May. The goals of this month include spreading awareness for mental health issues, dispelling the stigma surrounding mental illness, and advocating for equal care. In honor of this month, try out these suggestions to take care of your mental health and get involved.

Get a Mental Health Check-Up

Just like a physical check-up, getting a mental health-check up can help you scan for mental health issues before they become serious. This month, ask your physician if you can get an evaluation. During your examination, be sure to disclose any troubling symptoms you’ve been experiencing, such as anxiety, fatigue, mood swings, irritability, sadness, suicidal or violent thoughts, changes in appetite, and so on.

Attend an Awareness or Advocacy Event

During National Mental Health Awareness Month, many organizations host events to fundraise or spread awareness for various mental health issues. Look for an event near you and encourage your friends and family to attend with you. If you want to get involved even further, consider making a monetary donation or asking if you can volunteer at the event.

Undergo Mental Health First-Aid Training

Getting certified in mental health first-aid is an easy and cost-effective way to learn how to help individuals when they are experiencing a mental health emergency. The skills that you learn from this first-aid training can help you assist a loved one or even a stranger if you recognize that they are having a serious mental health crisis.

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