What is a Medicare Advantage Plan All About?

Medicare is the American government’s health care program for persons aged 65 and above. Its coverage plays an important role in medical provisions as you age. Although Medicare benefits don’t pay for everything, it significantly reduces the burden of expensive health care costs.

Medicare Advantage (MA) is a health insurance plan in the United States of America for health insurance benefits through a private-sector insurer. Senior citizens in their mid-sixties and above are eligible for Advantage Medicare plans, and some younger people with disabilities may also qualify for the program. MA is different from the standard or original Medicare. It is an all-in-one alternative to the former, and private insurers that offer these plans contract with the federal government to provide health insurance benefits to the people who qualify.

Advantage Plans for Medicare is an upgraded version of the original program. Advantage Medicare Plan, also known as Part C or MA Plans, must provide the same benefits as the original, which covers hospitalization, doctor’s visits, and prescription drug coverage. It also includes benefits not covered by Medicare, such as routine visits to dentists, ophthalmologists, and ear doctors.

Here are some pros and cons of subscribing to the Medicare Advantage program.

Pros of MA

  • MA provides healthcare benefits, including ear care, dental care, and eye care for persons aged sixty-five and above.
  • Beneficiaries enjoy potentially significantly lower premiums for coverage compared to other healthcare providers.
  • MA helps limit out of pocket expense because a significant percentage of the cost is covered by the program.

Cons of MA

  • Advantage Medicare plans limit your freedom to choose your medical providers outside the program.
  • MA stipulates a requirement that you must reside and get your non-emergency medical care in the plan’s geographic service area.
  • The program limits your ability to switch back to the original with a Medicare Supplemental Insurance policy.

To choose the MA program that suits you best, it is essential to compare the different coverage and decide which best meets your health care needs. If you have a severe health condition that requires frequent check-ups with your doctors, you should opt for the health coverage that they accept. Also, if you take prescription drugs, some plans may offer lower better prescription coverage than others.

Here are some important questions to ask before choosing a MA plan:

  • Would you have direct access to specialists, or do you need a referral to book an appointment with them?
  • What are the health benefits that are provided? Does your health status require you to see an ophthalmologist or a dentist frequently?
  • How much will your drugs cost, and how does it affect your pocket compared to other programs?
  • Are your doctor’s appointments covered in the plan, or do you have to pay out of pocket?
  • What is the star rating for your preferred plan, and how does it compare with others?

This is what you need to know about Medicare Advantage Plan.  Do you need further assistance with your health insurance?  If so, then contact the experts at the Scavone Insurance Agency Center LLC in White Plains, New York today.