4 Tips to Help You Follow Through With Your New Year’s Resolutions

Every New Year, most of us set about making New Year’s resolutions that will help us achieve long-term goals. The problem is when we don’t see immediate results, we lose interest. Before long, the New Year’s resolution has gone by the wayside right along with the Christmas gifts.

Here are 4 tips to help you follow through with your new year’s resolution.

1.Choose Compass Goals Instead of Traditional Goals

The easiest way to keep New Year’s resolutions is to do away with traditional goal setting. Traditional goals focus on long-term results and can cause you to lose interest fast. Try setting compass goals instead. A compass goal improves your quality of life now, not six or nine months in the future. Compass goals are easier to keep because they provide noticeable results immediately. Even though the results are small, they are there, and you can use them to keep yourself motivated.

2.Stay Focused

If you are working toward any goal, the key is to stay focused. Breaking down a goal into daily steps will give you a great way to stay focused. With compass goals, you can break them down so that some aspect of the goal is reachable in real-time. Even if it is small, the fact that it can be accomplished provides you with the motivation you need to keep moving forward. Maintain your focus by putting little reminders in areas where they are constantly in sight. It’s also a reminder to others that you are pursuing a goal and may help you avoid distractions.

3.Make Them Reachable

Setting lofty goals can quickly lead to discouragement, especially if you aren’t committed to the idea. Take a few minutes to figure out just how badly you want to reach certain goals. Instead of setting yourself up for failure, choose goals that you feel strongly about and ones you are confident you can achieve. Choose one or two goals that you can really get behind and then commit yourself to achieving them. If it is a traditional goal, look for ways to make a compass goal that adds value to your life now.

4.Fill Your Life with New Challenges

Growing is part of life, so make it worthwhile. Goals can be broken down into smaller milestones that are easier to reach and build upon themselves until you reach the final goal. Take each of these smaller milestones and turn them into challenges you can accomplish in a few days or a week. Improving your current life should always be the priority and will give you what you need to remain motivated and on task.

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