October is Fire Prevention Month

October is Fire Prevention MonthOctober is Fire Prevention Month, which is the perfect time to make sure that you and your home are prepared in case of a fire. Fire is one of the most dangerous and destructive disasters that can happen at your home. Keep these tips in mind to make sure that you are ready in case of a fire at your home.

  • Make sure your have smoke detectors on every level of your home, especially outside all bedrooms. Make sure to regularly check them to ensure that they are working properly. Replace any alarms that are defective or outdated.
  • Place fire extinguishers throughout your home and make sure every member of the family who is old enough knows how to operate them.
  • Have a family escape plan that includes two escape routes for each room in the house. Make sure to practice the plan a couple of times each year to ensure everyone knows what to do. Practice will also help keep everyone calm in case of a fire.
  • Make sure to consider the vulnerable members of your family in the escape plan, including small children and pets.
  • If you are escaping through your home while it is filled with smoke, make sure to stay low to the ground. If possible, grab a piece of clothing to cover your nose and mouth while escaping.
  • Once you are outside of your home, make sure to move away to a safe distance and call the authorities as soon as possible.

Most importantly, make sure that you have the right homeowners insurance policy to provide protection in case of a fire. Contact the insurance professionals at Scavone Insurance Agency Center LLC in White Plains, New York for all of your homeowners insurance needs. As an independent insurance agency, we will work with you to ensure that you have the most comprehensive coverage to fit the needs of your family.

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