Organizing Your Home Office

Your home filing system can be organized and efficient with these tips!

Most of us are extremely organized at work, filing things away neatly and timing. When it comes to our personal paperwork in our home, organization can hit rock bottom. If you are guilty of haphazardly tossing mail, insurance policies, bank statements and more into your desk drawer or filing cabinet, implement these simple steps today!

Good Gatekeeping
Develop a system to recycle all incoming junk mail, shred unwanted important documents, and file the rest! Keep a stand-up file holder near where you sort your mail for easy encouragement.

Email Counts, Too
Tidy up emails daily. Create separate folders on your inbox so that your important emails are separated from your financial, social, special offers, and junk! If you have a receipt or bank statement that comes to you in the form of an email and a paper document, keep one or the other (depending on how reliable your filing system is).

Simply Receipts
If you run a business, you should keep all of your receipts! For personal, keep the big-ticket item purchases and the ones you may need for tax deductions, returns, or warranty service.

Find a Fireproof Safe
Store all of your important documents in here for safekeeping. Make digital copies and keep them on a reliable computer, just in case.

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