Pre-Travel Preparation Safety Tips

Looking forward to the next stop on your summer vacation list? Be sure to follow some necessary safety precautions to prepare your home for your departure. The last thing you want is to come home to a burglarized home after your memorable trip to the Bahamas.

  • Give a close friend a key to your home and ask them to stop by regularly. Also, ask them to check your mail and periodically move your cars so criminals don’t feel invited.
  • With such a heavy social media presence in our lives nowadays, it is important that you refrain from announcing your departure online.
  • Notify the local police department if you are going to be out of town for longer than a week. They can drive by your house while on patrol to make sure there is no suspicious activity.
  • Leave your curtains the way you would normally have them. Many assume closing them is proper, however, this makes it harder for your neighbors and police to watch out for your home’s safety.
  • This travel tip is not only because of the effort to go green: Don’t leave your lights on throughout your entire trip, rather, schedule a timer to deter criminals.

With these safety preparation travel tips, you can have a peace of mind knowing you have properly prepared your home. Located in White Plains, New York, Scavone Insurance Center strives to provide you with personalized and experienced service. Contact us today for a homeowners insurance quote.

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