Preventing Water Damage in The Home

Preventing Water Damage in The HomHome insurance policies cover basic water damage in White Plains, NY.

Even though your home insurance policy may cover basic water damage, the best way to avoid having to file a claim and suffering from a water-ruined home is to take preventative measures.

Keeping your eye on the water usage to save on the monthly bill is counteractive if you don’t maintain a healthy home. Avoid water damage in your home today with these tips!

  • Be aware of trees.
    Some plants and trees, such as weeping willows, have invasive roots which can slip into your sprinkler system, drainage field, and pipes. Plant well away from these areas.
  • Clean out roof gutters.
    Remove the build up of leaves and debris to unclog your gutters! Blocked drains and pipes can cause serious water damage and quite an expense when you have to renew your gutters.
  • Review your water bill.
    If you notice the bill uncommonly high, it can be a clear sign that a pipe has a leak somewhere.
  • Avoid unclogging chemicals.
    Instead, use a drain snake. This is a more effective way of moving blockages in drains and toilets.
  • Reduce grease.
    Do not pour grease down your kitchen sink, no matter how tempting it may be. The oil can congeal and cling to your pipes causing a very costly blockage removal! Let the grease harden then relocate it to the bin.

Not only is preventing water damage easy, but it will save you money from expensive repairs! Take a look at your home insurance policy to see how your coverage protects you from water damage. For a quality policy in White Plains and surrounding cities in New York, contact Scavone Insurance Agency Center LLC today!

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