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Do I Need a Proof of Loss for an Insurance Claim?

Know what a proof of loss is when you need one to file a claim in White Plains, NY. Should you get into an accident, be sure to contact your auto insurance company as soon as possible and file an accident claim. If you believe that, instead of an auto-to-auto accident, your car has been the victim of theft or

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Business Vehicle Insurance 101

Understanding Your Commercial Coverage As a business owner, you know that your insurance coverage is the key to protecting your business’s financial future. While you have probably taken out a business owners policy (BOP) to safeguard your business, it is important for you to note that it does not contain coverage for your car. Consequently, if you are using your

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The New Policy Your New Motorcycle Needs

Does Your Bike Have Proper Protection? Whether you just purchased your first motorcycle or just upgraded your bike, getting the motorcycle insurance coverage you need to enjoy the open roads stress free is important. As a motorcycle owner, you deserve to be able to cruise down the highway enjoying the fresh air and sunshine without a care in the world.

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Cruising The New York Roads With Confidence

Understanding Your Auto Insurance Coverage In order to cruise the New York roads with peace of mind, you must feel confident about your auto insurance policy. Unfortunately, many motorists fail to understand their policy and simply do not assume adequate coverage until it is too late. We want you to be receiving the protection you deserve, which is why we

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