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How You Can Cope With Holiday Stress

We use science to tell you how you can cope with the stress of the holidays.  The holiday season is one that is meant to be joyful–and it is–but it also comes with its fair share of stress and dismay. From party planning to gift-giving it seems like the infinite list never ends. How can one deal with the stresses

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Fun Ideas for Thanksgiving Decorating

You can decorate your home for Thanksgiving with these great ideas for centerpieces, mantel displays, and more! Thanksgiving is enough of a major holiday that merits its own themed decorations. The autumn holiday depends on the orange and reds and yellows, along with an outdoorsy feel to them. Here are a few Thanksgiving decoration ideas you can use in your

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Happy Halloween from Scavone!

Happy Halloween from Scavone Insurance Agency Center LLC! While you are putting your last minute touches on your costume and making sure your jack o’ lantern looks perfect, it is also important to make sure that you know how to stay safe while having fun this holiday. Keep these Halloween safety tips in mind to ensure that you and your

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