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5 Reasons Why Independent Contractors Need Workers’ Compensation

As an independent contractor, you are aware that an accident can occur at any time. If you are injured on the job or contract an illness, workers’ compensation can cover your medical bills and help replace your lost wages. Common instances when workers’ compensation assists contractors include slip and fall accidents, burns, serious back injuries, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Workers’

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5 Mistakes That Might Increase the Cost of Your Workers’ Comp

Business owners are required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance on themselves or their employees. While a business owner can file an exemption that makes it possible for him to avoid purchasing the policy, it’s quite beneficial for those who would prefer to have the additional coverage for themselves. Protecting themselves with a Worker’s Compensation policy can mean the

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What You Should Know About Workers’ Compensation Claims

Depending on your nature of work, your employees can be exposed to hazards at work – from a mild electric shock to a fatal fall. Every year, millions of Americans suffer from workplace injuries, which often cost the businesses a lot of money. As an employer, you should protect your employees by getting policies that cover workers’ compensation. These are

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Understanding Commercial Landscapers Insurance

Protecting Your Business Against Landscaping Accidents As a commercial landscaper, it is important that you safeguard your business from the wide range of risks associated with this profession. Your job entails seeing others’ landscaping dreams and aspirations come true while working with equipment that can pose as a danger. To ensure that your biggest investment is protected from the possibility

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