Tech-Home Styling Tips Everyone Should Know

Tech-Home Styling Tips Everyone Should KnowTechnology is an increasing facet in most American homes, but sometimes the tech can make our homes look ugly. Is there a way to combat this?

While the most notable technology from The Jetsons is still a few decades away (i.e. flying cars and robot maids), there is some technology in which we have already surpassed our favorite family from the future. Facetiming, smartphones, Blu-ray players, the Internet, etc., are all things that are well ahead of the Jetsons. (I mean, look at how clunky their “futuristic” phones are!) As a result, we are forcing a lot of this technology to be crammed into our homes with no real answer to the clutter and ugliness that it provides. Here are two tech home styling tips every person should know.

Hide Those Cords

Nothing is quite as ugly as seeing cords and cables from your gaming console(s), Blu-Ray, and surround sound connected to your TV, and then seeing those connect to the wall. Use your furniture to help you hide those eyesores. If you’re using a shelf or a desk, look for a hole on the backside of it. If possible, pass all of your cables through this opening and connect them to your pieces of technology. It’s also smart to place these consoles by an outlet so as to avoid having to run a cable ten feet from your television.

Get a High-Quality Router

Most pieces of technology require a connection to the internet to access online content like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc. Connected technology is supposed to save you time, but if your router is sending weak Wi-Fi signal, then you’re only hurting yourself. Investing in a quality router will ensure that your devices are running at optimum speed.

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