Things You Might Not Have Known About Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance covers for the obvious things like crashing and injuries, but it also covers things you may not have known. 

If you ride a motorcycle, there are many good reasons to get motorcycle insurance. The first being the law, of course, and the second being financial security when you get into an accident. We all know that motorcycles are versatile vehicles, but here are a few things that motorcycle insurance covers that you may not have known previously.

  1. You can insure most types of motorcycles.
    You can insure almost any kind of motorized two-wheeled vehicle that is categorized as a “motorcycle.” Things like cruisers, antiques, sports bikes, and even bikes that were built from a kit.
  2. You can insure your bike for road trips.
    There is a range of coverages available outside of the normal stuff like liability, comprehensive, collision, and medical. Coverages that can be useful on road trips can cover things like towing or labor coverage, which helps to pay for the costs if your bike breaks down mid-road trip.
  3. You can cover your snowmobile, scooter, ATV, and even Segway.
    Many insurers cover leisure vehicles under motorcycles policies in certain states. Things like golf carts and Segways are also covered under motorcycle insurance.
  4. Motorcycle insurance can cover protective gear.
    The very things that keep you safer on motorcycles like your helmet, riding leathers, gloves, and other protective gear, does not come cheap. Should you get into an accident and your protective gear saves your life but is damaged in the process, your insurance may help you replace it.

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