3 Valuable Tips That Will Help You Get a Personal Property Appraisal

There are a lot of instances when people need to get a personal property appraised, including insurance purposes, settlement of the estate, or a potential sale or donation. If you are thinking of insuring, selling, or donating your valuable belongings such as expensive jewelry, antiques, collectibles, paintings, vintage items, your parent’s estate, or other valuable belongings, seeking out a personal property appraisal is a must.

You should look for an experienced professional who is specialized in providing appraisals for various items.

Here are some personal property appraisal tips that you should consider:

1. Collect Information

Collect all information about the items such as their cost, when they were purchased, their dimensions, manufacturer, current condition, and more. This will help to prepare for an insurance appraisal.

2. Choose Your Appraiser Wisely

Before selecting an appraiser, check the reviews on the internet or ask for references. Check out their experience, qualifications, specialties, rates, etc. Before finalizing the appraiser, always ask your insurance company about their rules and regulations regarding the type of appraisals they accept.

3. Insurance Appraisal Report

A polished insurance appraisal report must include a detailed description of the items, their value, the method of evaluation, and some information about the appraiser. Send the report to your insurer after ensuring that you have a copy of it. Keep the copy safe with you.

Remember that the value of the items insured changes with time. Hence it is advisable to get a personal property appraisal regularly within 2-5 years or as recommended by your appraiser.

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