What an Infraction Can Do to Your Auto Insurance

What an Infraction Can Do to Your Auto InsuranceEven minor infractions could cause your auto insurance premiums to increase by as little as 20 percent! 

With the exception of not wearing your seat belt, there is no longer such a thing as a minor infraction when it comes to traffic violations. That being said, however, one should always wear their seat belt. Speeding, not yielding, illegal lane switches and more could land you a pretty hefty increase in your auto insurance premium. If the officer seems pretty intent on giving you a ticket, yelling obscenities and reminding them that you “pay” their salary, will only hurt you. But why do infractions–even minor ones–cause an increase in your auto insurance in the first place?

Auto insurance may not be the most costly monthly expense you are forced to pay, but it can definitely become worse with a traffic violation. The reason goes back to that one math class many people struggled with in high school: statistics. All insurance companies use statistics to determine the premium for any customer. In the case of auto insurance companies, they use your driving record, age, and other factors to stick you into one of two categories: low-risk drivers and high-risk drivers.

Low-risk drivers are those with a clean driving record. Clean driving records are associated with safe, careful driving that doesn’t present a liability to insurance companies, so a low premium is awarded.

High-risk drivers, on the other hand, are associated with less-than-stellar driving records. These unclean driving records are typically associated with dangerous and reckless driving and present a higher liability for the insurance company to cover. This higher risk is then given a higher deductible. So when you commit a traffic violation, a little red metaphorical flag pops up by your name, and you’re seen as a higher risk–even for minor violations.

It’s best to drive on the side of caution to avoid any avoidable and annoying increases on your insurance premium. Get the best premiums and protection on your auto insurance to suit your needs and budget at Scavone Insurance Agency Center LLC. Located in White Plains, New York, contact us today for a quote!

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