What to Know About Renters Insurance

What to Know About Renters InsuranceDo you know what your renters insurance is all about?

If you frequently move:

If you purchase renters insurance, you usually don’t have to purchase a new policy if you move within the state. You need to tell your insurance company your new address each time you move, and, depending on where you move, your premium may have to be adjusted.

Who needs renters insurance:

If you rent a home and want to protect your property, you should consider purchasing a policy. As long as you don’t move to a new state, it doesn’t matter how many times you move.
If you travel often for work and leave your primary home empty for a good portion of the year, your primary rental home will receive a limited amount of coverage.
College students who move each year, or go back and forth between school and home can benefit from renters insurance as long as they live in off-campus apartments or houses.

What does it cover:

Your policy will help protect your personal items from your clothes to your computer, should they be stolen or damaged in a—covered—event. If your items were damaged, in an incident that wasn’t your fault, say, water from your neighbor has leaked into your apartment, your neighbor’s or landlord’s policy will help you cover for your damaged items.
It’s important to remember that auto insurance won’t actually cover you for the stolen items in your car, but renters insurance will.

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