What You Should Know About Workers’ Compensation Claims

Depending on your nature of work, your employees can be exposed to hazards at work – from a mild electric shock to a fatal fall. Every year, millions of Americans suffer from workplace injuries, which often cost the businesses a lot of money. As an employer, you should protect your employees by getting policies that cover workers’ compensation.

These are the top 5 workers’ compensation claims that your employees can file:

1. Slips and Falls

From slippery office floors to construction debris, falls are mostly harmless but might lead to a muscle sprain or a concussion.

2. Body Injuries

Body injuries include other accidents that could occur while lifting or pushing weights. These injuries are sometimes not directly visible until it is too late.

3. Vehicle Accidents

Although employees who regularly drive as part of their work, like truck drivers, are most likely to benefit from this claim, any of your employees driving to work can claim coverage. Note that they will be covered, but not their vehicle.

4. Electricity Hazards

This claim covers electric shocks, burns, and other injuries resulting from an exposed wire or a short circuit and other electricity-related causes.

5. Equipment-Related Disasters

Any industry that uses complex or heavy machinery, particularly in manufacturing plants and construction sites, is in danger of equipment-related accidents. Your employees can use this claim for any injuries arising from operating these machines.

Workers’ Compensation in White Plains, NY

Workers’ compensation costs depend on several factors like:

  • The number of employees you have
  • The type of work and the risk factor involved
  • Your claims history
  • Your industry

This is what you need to know about workers’ compensation coverage. Are you looking for assistance with workers’ compensation insurance in New York? Contact the experts at the Scavone Insurance Agency Center LLC in White Plains, New York today.

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